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Empowering your health journey, All About Fitness Family, a Veteran-run non-profit, delivers FREE programs you can’t miss to the community. 

Our goal is a Global Fitness Family dedicated to improving our communities worldwide. We serve as a root of positive global change through our dedication to giving back to our global communities.

Globally, 365 days a year, our members collect goods, host clothing drives, essential items for those in need, food drives for the less fortunate, and Wellness Classes for the Community.  As a part of our mission to spread Total Fitness to our Communities, AAF offers the following FREE Fitness Workshops to the public 60 times a year: These workshops include free: physical, mental, financial, legal, relational fitness, health & wellness, hygiene 101 and most importantly Spiritual Fitness.

All About Fitness provides 100% FREE Physical Fitness Classes for Community Members at all fitness levels. Physical Fitness has been linked to improving mental health, decreasing stress, managing weight, reduce the risk of diseases, strengthening bones and muscles, as well as improving overall quality of life. Everyone can experience the health benefits of physical activity at AAF for free. All of our Fitness Classes and events include prayer request, praise reports and prayer.